Water woman and a water child
Living underwater is something wild
Fishes swimming through my hair
Mermaids singing away my care.

~ lyrics by Spirt


there is something so tranquil about spending the day underwater.  even with Aaron asking 1,000 questions and the crowds surrounding me...  watching the jellyfish has a hypnotizing effect and leaving the aquarium felt a bit like coming out of a dream -- made complete with the 'water woman' lyrics that were now in my head...

i'm sad to admit that i don't concern myself too much with our oceans unless vacationing at the beach or, in this case, wondering through the aquarium on a monday afternoon.  but, i've recently become more and more interested in underwater life and exploration. i find it surprising that even though oceans represent such a large amount of our living space that we've explored less than 5% of them -- and to learn that we're spending 100 times more on space exploration than ocean exploration. granted... rockets, are quite costly, but shouldn't we be putting more time and research into our own world and conservation rather than finding a new planet to inhabit?

aaron is instinctively drawn to the ocean.  he has had an obsession with the underwater world since his first visit to an aquarium as a babe.  he chose ocean decor for his bedroom, created ocean artwork for the walls and his favorite 'Nemo' fish is tucked into bed with him each night. i feel like i owe it to Aaron to become more curious and more aware about our oceans and it's inhabitants, to explore this world with him and discuss my findings further with my family, friends and students.  

Water's the only way
Water's the only way
Water a fish today
See what he has to say…