Elizabeth and Jess invited me to their lovely home in Alexandria to meet their sweet new addition, baby John.  i watched as they worked together changing john's diaper, holding him close, and passing him from one another...  such care involved with each maneuver.  first babes really teach us an extraordinary lesson on how to slow down and live in the present -- honoring daily tasks as if they were sacred rituals.  i am excited for this family of three to experience and cherish all of their 'firsts' together.  i wish you all of the best in the future... may you enjoy every. single. moment.


last week i played in Lucketts VA with these two crazy kids!  Matt and Christie are quite simply an amazing couple.   they have such a beautiful connection and a playful spirit that's infectious --   watching them together truly warmed my heart.  we wandered through fields, explored lost treasures at antique markets and swung as high as we could on a nearby swing set . i left really wondering if i  did any actual 'work'.   thank you Christie and Matt for an unbelievable session and for the beautiful flowers!   i am so looking foreword to spending time with you both again and i am beyond excited to capture your wedding in Connecticut this summer.  stay tuned!!